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Our Story

 image036 You might think that our barbeque smoker runs on just fruit wood, but here at Marlowe’s Ribs & Restaurant, I tend to think we operate on family tradition. My name is Melissa Gigliotti, and unlike most kids, I grew up in a restaurant. When I was nine years old, my father Tony Gigliotti fulfilled his dream and opened "The Whitehaven Ranch House". He uprooted our family from Pennsylvania to settle down into the neighborhood of the King of Rock and Roll.




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Ranch House


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 image007 My father quickly fell in love with the city and began making lifelong friends like George Klein, Richard Davis, Gene Mason, Dr. George Nichopoulos and his son Dean Nichopoulos. Just one mile from Graceland, we began noticing that we had the best of both worlds—a local joint with a base of loyal regular customers and tourists from every corner of the globe here to pay homage to the King.  image004
 image009 One of my first memories is watching my grandmother make lasagna. I can still hear the sounds of the pans clanging together, the smell of chopped garlic, and the feel of the ripe tomatoes in my hands while I perched on the counter of her restaurant in Pennsylvania. Every day we prepare this dish at Marlowe’s, making it impossible to forget that our restaurant has a history that runs deeper than most. As a child, I watched my father effortlessly welcome every guest into our restaurant like family. When you step into Marlowe’s, you are entering our home.  image029





 In my teenage years, Dad began experimenting with barbeque. He built a pit in the kitchen and discovered the BBQ sauce and technique that would make us famous.   image027image021 2
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 He renamed the restaurant

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 marlowes ribs logo
 image025 "Marlowe’s" after my sister Marlo and started a BBQ dynasty I am proud to continue today. We painted a small, retired school bus with pig caricatures and began picking up guests from local hotels. The "Pig Bus" was an instant hit, and we quickly became the unofficial cab service of Elvis Presley Boulevard. Within a year, the Pig Bus was so popular and overused that we had to retire it.  image048
 image013 Elvis bought a pink Cadillac for his mother with his first royalty check, so we followed suit and bought a Cadillac limousine. After a fresh coat of bright pink paint, the shuttle service was reborn. Today we have a fleet of seven pink limousines ready to come bring you to our front door. Even Guy Fieri with Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives couldn't resist a ride.  image015 1
 image050  image041  image052
 image037 While many years ago Dad claimed to retire, but just like the King, he has never really left the building. He can still be found strolling around the restaurant singing Elvis songs, telling stories, or working in our gift shop. When you walk in the front door just listen for:  image060

 "Hello my beautiful child, welcome to Marlowe's!"
That's how you know you're in the right place!

And That’s The End Of Our "Tail"


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